What kid doesn’t like pretending they are Olympic athletes, participating in the Games? My boys love kicking a ball around or pretending to race each other around the house. As your family prepares for two weeks of family fun watching the Winter Olympics and learning about God’s world and His heart for the world, kick things off with a few fun family games to learn about some of the winter sporting events. It will be so much fun!


  • Fuzzy, slipper socks (one set per person)
  • Plastic cones
  • Music
  • Stop watch
  • Paint sticks (one per person)
  • Small foam ball
  • Crayons
  • Paper clips
  • Small muffin tin
  • Plastic plates (2 per person)

Figure Skating & Speed Skating

If you have wood or tile floors in your house, put on your fuzzy, slippery socks and practice twirling, jumping and creating a routine to a favorite song. Laugh with each other and give each other a score at the end of each routine. Mom and Dad have to do a routine together! Then, set up cones to create a speed skating course and take turns sliding around it. Time each other to see how well everyone does.


Set up goals with plastic cones and create teams. Stay on your knees and use paint sticks as your hockey sticks. Make sure to keep that foam ball on the floor!


First, make your own curling stones with bent paper clips (bend them into a triangle) and a mini muffin pan. Fill each 2/3 full of water and set the paper clip into the water with some of it sticking out. The paper clips will serve as your handle, so some of it will stick out of the frozen ice cube. Stick the mini muffin pan flat in the freezer in the morning for an evening game. When you are ready to play, using crayons, create a target at one end of your bathtub (if your bathtub has the non-slick bottom, consider buying a cheap shower curtain and taping it onto the floor). When you are ready to play, the player gets into the bathtub at the other end and slides his or her frozen “curling stone” down and sees how closely they can get it into the center ring.


Pretend your bathtub is a bobsled! The person in the front leads the way and everyone behind has to lean to the left and right as instructed. Wear helmets to really get into the spirit!


On a carpet surface, place a plastic plate under each foot. You cannot remove your feet from the plates while you try to slide across the floor from one cone to another. Time each other to see who is the fastest!

Use the hashtag #olympicfamilydevotions when you share your pictures on social media and encourage other families to join the fun!

Optional Questions to Discuss while you do these games:

  • What sport would you want to participate in if you went to the Olympics?
  • What sport do you think I would participate in if I went to the Olympics?
  • Do you think Jesus would go to the Olympics? Why or why not?
  • What Olympic sport are you most looking forward to watching? And why?

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