Whose family loves the Olympics? I have so many memories of watching the Olympics as a child. The Olympics inspired me to dream and challenged me to work hard towards those dreams. The Olympics showed me different areas of the world. The Olympics taught me about different peoples and countries. I loved everything about it and my children have caught that excitement too!

Competition is part of every childhood. It is a part of every child’s nature, whether they are competing against friends, siblings, or just themselves. And the Olympics is a great opportunity to foster a healthy competitive spirit with your family by cheering for your favorite athletes, keeping track of your country’s medals, and learning about different people, places, cultures and how God is moving in different places around the world.

What county is hosting the Olympics? Start by learning a little bit about that country: it’s history and people, it’s culture and food, and what God is doing there! Check it out here in my “Travel with me to…” resources.

So, in the spirit of the Olympics, I want to spark your child’s interest not only in athletics and friendly competition but also in God’s world. I want to help your family watch the athletes and countries that come together with the purpose to see what God is doing in each of those countries and how He loves each and every person and nation.

As you engage with your kids during the Olympics, remember as parents, our goal is not just to give them a bigger picture of God’s world but to challenge them to play a part in it, to join Jesus’ ‘team’ and see people from “every tribe, people and language standing before the throne” on that last day (Revelations 7:9).

If this is something that excites you, and you are interested in some daily devotions, activities, or crafts to do with your children during the Olympics, I have you covered!!

Check out my other Olympic Resources!

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I want to help you to build up a new generation of kids to love God and be Kingdom-focused. Your kids can be part of something much bigger than themselves and much bigger than the Olympics: they can be a part of what God is doing to bring the nations to Himself. That is a race worth joining; that is a prize worth training for!