Discipleship Modules

Olympic Devotionals

Do you ever watch the Olympics together as a family? We love to. Utilize this international event to teach your children about the host country. Eat food from that country as you watch the opening and closing ceremonies. Grab a globe and a hand to pray for participants from countries you haven’t heard of before as they march in and out of the arena. Have each child pick a country they haven’t heard of before and during the rest of the games, take them to your local library for some research. There is so much opportunity for your family to enjoy the Olympic Games and learn about God’s heart for the world! 

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Travel the World

I love to travel, do you? As a child, I had the opportunity to travel to a lot of different places which I believe influenced my love for other people, cultures, and languages. I want to help your family have similar experiences without the hassle and cost of actually stepping onto an airplane!

Download the age-appropriate curriculum and begin learning about God’s world, God’s people, and God’s heart for every “tribe, tongue, and language”.

A new country will be added each month!

VBS Missions Curriculum

I love Vacation Bible School! What a great outreach tool and an awesome way to inspire the next generation to join God in His Great Mission to love others and reach the world!

I have been writing elementary and preschool-aged missions curriculum for VBS for several years. Check out what kinds of lessons I already have on hand and contact me if your church would like to chat more about what it might look like to inspire your kids to join God on mission through your VBS week!