August 16, 2021

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The difficult situation that has unfolded in Afghanistan in mid-August 2021 may feel too heavy of a weight to carry and discuss as a family. Read my tips for why and how to have a discerning conversation with your children in age-appropriate and biblical ways here.

King David experienced much what the believers in Afghanistan are going through. King David, before he became king, was pursued by King Saul, who wanted to put David to death. During these 8 years of David’s life, he was forced to hide in the hills, in the caves, in the wilderness in and around Israel, and even lived with his enemies in Gath, Moab and even Philistia (1 Samuel 21-31). David knew what it meant to face persecution and even death. The Psalms are full of David’s writings, songs, and prayers during this season of his life and can remind us that even in the midst of such heartbreak and hardship, our God is with us, is still sovereign, and is fulfilling His purposes. The Psalms can really help us know how to pray for our believing brothers and sisters in Afghanistan who are facing almost certain persecution and death in the days to come. Open your Bible and read Psalm 27 as you pray together.

  • Pray for the secret believers in Afghanistan who don’t know who to trust and are afraid for their lives. May they say Psalm 27:1 “The Lord is my light and my salvation –whom shall I fear?” May they remember who holds their lives in the palm of His hand.
  • Pray for protection over the women and children in Afghanistan, whose lives are likely to get a lot harder. May they turn to the God who loves them. Pray Psalm 27:5 for them: “[that] He will keep me safe in his dwelling; he will hide me”
  • Pray for hearts to stand firm in God in the face of so much uncertainty. Pray Psalm 27:3 that even when “an army besiege[s] me, my heart will not fear; though war break out against me, even then I will be confident [in the Lord].”
  • Pray for God’s Truth to be preached boldly, even in the face of persecution. May the love of Jesus still go out. Afghanistan has been the second fastest growing church in recent years. Psalm 27:10-11 says, “Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. Teach me your way, Lord; lead me in a straight path because of my oppressors.”

Don’t forget to end in worship! May I recommend See a Victory by Elevation Worship as you finish?

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