The Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics isn’t the first official event that kicks off the Olympic Games – it actually took place several months ago at a small ceremony in Olympia, Greece: The start of the Olympic Torch Relay. This ceremonial flame lights the Olympic Torch as it is passed from person to person all around the Olympic host country until it is brought into the Olympic arena to signify the beginning of the Olympic Games.

This is a great opportunity for families to discuss their spiritual heritage with their children: the “light of life” that was passed to them and on to their children. Parents, explain who and how someone shared the Gospel with you. Have you children tell you how they have heard the Gospel and then challenge your children to pass on this “light of life” on to others!

While you make the Family Torch below, make sure to do this Family Devotional with it!

Make a Family Torch Craft


  • Empty toilet paper or paper towel roll
  • Tin foil
  • Sticker/markers
  • Tape
  • Orange, yellow, red tissue paper


  1. Grab the toilet paper or paper towel roll and a piece of tin foil. Cover the outside with the tin foil.
  2. Feel free to decorate it more with permanent markers or stickers to make your family torch unique.
  3. Use orange, yellow, and red tissue paper and with some tape, tape the “flames” into the inside of one end.

Family Torch Activity

Have a friendly relay-race around your yard or house, passing your “Family Torch” from one family member to another. Remember the goal is not just to cross the finish line but to make sure the “torch” is carefully passed from person to person and not dropped. When you hand-off the torch, consider sharing one thing that person does well for the “race” God has called him or her to, affirming them in the Lord’s work. An example could be: “Mom makes others feel welcome in our home” or “Susie does a good job sharing her toys with new kids.” In this way, we train our children to encourage each other to do the Lord’s work.

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