Handing out medals for first, second, and third place at the Olympic Games is a modern Olympic tradition. Up until the 1908 Olympic Games, only the first place winner was honored with an Olympic olive wreath crown and a silver medal. It wasn’t until the 1908 Olympic Games that the olive wreath crown tradition set aside and gold, silver, and bronze medals were awarded for first, second, and third place .

Throughout the Olympic Games, I hope your family enjoys creating some new memories, first by making your own family torch, then by playing some fun family games (winter games here), creating an Olympic family shirt, and lastly, by creating an Olympic crown. Now you’ll get to make and award Olympic family “medals.”

Consider having an Olympic party as you close out the Olympic Games: invite a few of your children’s friends over to participate in the game ideas here and keep score however you see fit. Then, at the end, award each child with their medals.

Or, you can choose to do the below Family Devotional with it!

Let’s create some Olympic medals for your family’s team!


  • Foil-wrapped chocolate coins
  • ½” thick ribbon
  • Hot glue gun w/ hot glue sticks
  • Print off these medal faces


  1. Print off and cut out the medal faces.
  2. Using just a little bit of hot glue, glue one medal face onto each chocolate coin (front only).
  3. Cut the ribbon so that when looped, it fits around head of your largest participant.
  4. Using just a little bit of hot glue, glue each end of the ribbon onto the backside of each chocolate coin.

Olympic Family Medals Devotional

Everyone likes to win! But not everybody can win or be good at everything they try. God has gifted us each in special, individual ways that are just as unique as our fingerprints. Yet in life, sometimes it can feel like someone else’s talents are more important or special than our own. Help your children learn that their gifts and talents were given to them by their Creator for a purpose and discovering what their gifts are is part of their great adventure with God! Everyone wants to know that they are special and loved, so take some time as a family to affirm one another’s unique and special gifts by awarding a few family medals. Make it fun by choosing a few silly awards. But also try to award some character awards: it is natural as parents to notice and affirm good behavior or actions, so instead try to focus on awards for integrity, persistence, perseverance, generosity, humility, cooperation, compassion, etc as well.

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