What kids don’t like making a shirt that they can wear and remember the fun that they had during the Olympics?!? My boys are super excited to do this craft again with me! As your family prepares for two weeks of family fun watching the Olympics and learning about God’s world and His heart for the world, kick things off with this fun activity and make your own family Olympic t-shirts. It is super easy to do!


  • White t-shirts/tank tops in the right sizes (these from Walmart work great!)
  • Puff paint or Fabric Paint in the Olympic Colors (Red, Black, Yellow, Green & Blue)
  • Disposable Plastic Cup(s) (the mini red Solo Cups work great)
  • Paper plates
  • Newspaper
  • Letter Stencils (optional)


  1. Pre-wash any shirts you are using and dry fully.
  2. Using newspaper, scrap paper or cardboard, place some inside each shirt so the front of the shirt is facing up. This will keep any puff paint that leaks through the shirt from sticking to the back of the shirt.
  3. Using the black puff paint first, squirt some into a paper plate and the dip the rim of a cup in the paint, covering the rim. You can also use a sponge brush to dab the paint directly onto the rim of the cup. Make sure there is a pretty thick amount of paint on the rim but not dripping off. Using the rim of the cup, stamp your first Olympic ring in the top-middle of each shirt. See the below picture for who the rings are overlapping and not.
  4. From there, repeat this step with blue puff paint and red puff paint. Make sure to clean off or get a new solo cup and plate for each color. Place the blue ring to the left of the black and the red ring to the right of the black ring. The top line of rings do not intersect.
  5. Do the same with green puff paint but below and in between the black and red rings, overlapping slightly with both.
  6. And lastly do the same with the yellow puff paint but below the blue and black rings, overlapping slightly with both but not with the green ring.
  7. You could choose to add your family name, the year, a silly phrase, or a scripture verse using freehand or with stencils below your rings.
  8. Let dry completely before removing the newspaper and wearing!

Use the hashtag #olympicfamilydevotions when you share your pictures on social media and encourage other families to join the fun!

Optional Questions to Discuss while you do this craft:

  • What sport would you want to participate in if you went to the Olympics?
  • What sport do you think I would participate in if I went to the Olympics?
  • Do you think Jesus would go to the Olympics? Why or why not?
  • What Olympic sport are you most looking forward to watching? And why?

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