Olympic Devotionals

The Winter Olympics are here!

 Is your family excited about the Olympics? My Winter Olympic Devotional is here! This is such a fun opportunity to show your kids God’s world and introduce them to different peoples, places, and cultures without even leaving your living room! Here are a few fun ideas to get you geared up.

If you have access to an encyclopedia or an Operation World book, now is the time to pull those out and have them easily accessible in the living room! Teach your school-aged children how to look up countries and learn together as you watch. You may want to grab the colorful, children’s edition called Window on the World.

Do you have a large map or a globe? (see Resources) Use these to look at when you meet athletes from the Games over the next few weeks! You could even make a friendly competition over who can find the countries as you watch!

Another great resource is the website www.joshuaproject.net to learn about each country’s current spiritual needs and status of the Gospel.

Take the host country, China, for example. It the largest country in East Asia and has enormous cultural, political, and economic influence in the area. China has seen tremendous growth in its people coming to Christ over the last 100 years but still remains in the top 20 countries where it is most difficult to follow Jesus due to religious persecution. Chinese churches are even sending their own missionaries out into unreached areas!

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Here are just a few fun activities you can do with your family: