Everyday Family Devotionals

Your kids will follow your lead.

Where are you leading them?

Dad reading the Bible with son

Parents are always discipling their children: disciplining in healthy habits, discipling in character qualities and values, discipling in family traditions. Discipling your children in spiritual matters, passing down a biblical worldview is different because it focuses on teaching and modeling a faith in something greater than themselves, greater than you, greater than the family unit. Showing your children that God is capable and bigger than just the small piece of the world they have experienced so far will give them a bigger capacity to allow God into every area of their lives as they grow up.

Several years ago I read an article about students who left the church after they went to college. The article suggested that the majority of these children left the church because their faith had never become their own: they were still piggy-backing on their parent’s faith. And once they left their parent’s nest, they did not have a personal relationship, the foundation to maintain their faith.

Picture it this way: Jesus is the Great Shepherd and He has leant us some lambs to take care of our children for a season. That season is only one fourth of these little lambs’ lifetimes. Ultimately the most important thing we can do is to lead these lambs to the Great Shepherd, so that when they grow up to be sheep, they know His voice, trust His care, and want to follow Him of their own accord.

So, the question is, how do we lead our children to the Great Shepherd and teach them to know His voice, trust His care, and want to follow Him?

    "The most important thing we can do for our children is to point them to Jesus consistently." Ann Voskamp

    Leading your family in a devotional time doesn’t need to be complicated or awkward. If you’ve never done a family devotional time before, start here. The list below is some simple, free family devotional ideas I have created and done with my family. Some are more activity-based, others are simply discussion based. Check them out:

    Here are some fun devotionals for different seasons, events, and traditions in your family: