Faith-filled habits that build life-long Christians start at home


Teaching your children about God, God’s Word and God’s world should be one of your top priorities as a parent. Don’t leave this to your church! One of the best places to start is to implement a habit of spiritual conversations. Maybe that looks like specific topics over dinner. Maybe that looks like prayer and song before your school day. Maybe that looks like time to read the Bible together after dinner. Maybe that looks like prayers at bedtime.

Whatever habit your family starts, make it a priority to keep it up! No matter the age, simply creating a habit of spiritual conversations will communicate that this is important to your family.

Having a family devotional time is a great way to communicate that God’s Word is important to your family. God’s Word directs your lives, your decisions, your goals. It is a fun way to learn together and make memories as a family! Here are some fun ideas for you and your family.






Make these faith-filled conversations fun by mixing them up! check out my Resources Page for a few more of my favorite things!

Family Devotionals

The biggest indicator of your children’s faith following them into adulthood is what you model in your own home. Teaching your children about God’s Word means starting where they are and encouraging them to grow. Don’t let this idea overwhelm you – you will grow in your ability to do this as they grow. Here are some simple age-appropriate ideas for you to start with!

Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus

Christmas Devotionals

Ever wondered how Christians celebrate Christmas around the world? What celebrations of Christ’s birth is biblical and what traditions are cultural? Learning about how other cultures celebrate this important holiday in different ways can bring to light great conversations about why your family chooses to celebrate the birth of Christ the way you do! Enjoy these quick glances into the cultures with your family this holiday season.

Olympic Devotionals

Does your family enjoy watching the Olympics? We sure do!!! Watch as a family while cultivating your children’s heart for God and God’s Word! Fun activities, recipes, and daily devotionals! Summer 2024 Olympic resources will be announced as we get closer, subscribe to the e-mail list to be the first to know.