Christmas Devotionals

Shepherds in nativity scene

Christmas is a beautiful, magical time of year! What traditions is your family most looking forward to? Is it the Christmas hymns? Decorating a tree? Baking Christmas goodies together? Is it a family feast? A quiet church service? There are so many ways people around the world celebrate this holiday that make it special. As you plan out your family traditions this month, consider what purpose they hold, what values they portray, and where the focus of your heart is. In a culture where Christmas is celebrated by most, regardless of their religious affiliation or true belief, it is important that as Christians, we make sure our Christmas traditions are full of gospel-meaning and point to the real reason we celebrate Christmas. If you are in need of some ideas, here are a few Bible-focused traditions to consider:

Over thousands of years since Christ’s birth, people have developed many holiday traditions that have nothing to do with the scriptural depiction of this moment in history that we, as Christians celebrate. When we are looking to explain Christmas to our non-Christian family and friends, we want to keep it free of our own cultural trappings. And in the same vein, it is important to keep our children’s eyes on the essentials of the Christmas season.

    Christmas Around the World

    One way to help your family see where your own cultural traditions start and your biblical faith start is to take a look at how other Christians around the world celebrate this same holiday. They will have their own cultural and family traditions but the thing that should remain the same between all believers is our biblical faith. There are so many beautiful ways that Christians celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ around the world and not only will your family enjoy learning about other cultures and places, but you will also be encouraged by seeing other peoples worship the same Jesus Christ. And helping our children understand the difference between what the Bible says and how we celebrate will help them to truly know what it is they believe and begin to separate that from the cultural expressions they will naturally grow up with.

    Share the stories from my friends in these places, talk about how your family’s traditions are similar and different, and marvel at the beauty in different cultural traditions as you encourage your children to consider their own favorite Christmas traditions.

    And what about in areas of the world where being a Christian is illegal or dangerous? How does celebrating a Christian holiday look for believers in these difficult areas of the world? Celebrating a major Christian holiday in these countries look very different!

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