Travel the World

Become a World Traveler Right from your own Home

Traveling is new and exciting! It takes you out of your comfort zone and pushes you to experience and try new things. Traveling is good for you and your kids: learning to adapt and learning to try new things helps children become more compassionate and to value people different than themselves. And when we try new things and experiences, we discover new things about ourselves and about God and His world!

But these experiences don’t have to require you to step foot on an airplane or drop a pile of money.  Similar experiences as if we were really traveling are close by. We only need to be intentional and seek them out!

You are the “tour guide” for you children every day: whether you are taking them to music lessons, helping them tie their shoe, or introducing them to a new culture. As parents, you have the biggest impact on the way they see the world.

Traveling with your kids is simply a magnifying glass on what happens every single day in your home. Whether you are traveling or trying something new close to home, you help explain to them what they are seeing. Whether you are traveling or going somewhere new close to home, you work with them to figure out where to go and why. Whether you are traveling or not, you can try new things and discover fun adventures together. And they are along for the ride! 

Here are some fun ways that you can help engage with your children and experience the world together right from your own home.

This is for everyone. Keep it simple and fun.  You can incorporate the pieces that work with your family: whether you are using these for a fun family devotional time, supplementing a homeschool curriculum, or wanting to learn about a place you are about to really travel to.