About Me

Inspire and Inform parents with God at work in our world


I’m Alicia Bennett and I am on a mission. God is powerful and big and I believe we as parents have the powerful privilege to pass along a big picture of God to our children. And when we do, that becomes a God our children want to serve, follow, obey, and trust to move in their daily lives! When our children see God’s work through history and in current events drawing people to Himself, it inspires their faith: God’s Not Dead! As parents, we get to join God in what He is doing in this generation: in our homes and around the world. But sometimes that takes deeper work in ourselves, as parents, to discover the purposes of God and pass down intentional faith to our children. So even more than showing our children how big our God really is, we also get to show them that He wants to heal and restore families so that those families can glorify Him among all the nations!

My Story

Hi, my name is Alicia! I grew up in a family that traveled a lot and I had lived in or traveled to over a dozen countries before I graduated High School. In college, Jesus grabbed my heart and missions were immediately a part of my story: I wanted to become a missionary and continue my life of travel and adventure. Right out of college, I started working for an international missions agency and married my college sweetheart. We prepared to serve overseas. But God had other plans and we had to remain stateside. God soon revealed a new direction for my passion: teaching missions to the next generation.

Over the past 12 years, I have been speaking, writing, and teaching about God, His heart for the lost, and how He is drawing different peoples and ethnic groups to Himself all over the world. I want to help show your family how big our God really is and inspire the next generation to join Him in the work of reaching the nations for His glory and their joy!

That is what MobilizerMom is about: helping your family join God in His work among the nations right where you are. I hope you’ll join me, be inspired, and see practical ways your family can have an eternal impact today. 


I love to expand the worldview of the church, families, and especially young children. God is BIG, and He is at work in our world; let’s join Him in simple and practical ways in your own home today and see Him work across the world!

~ Alicia, MobilizerMom

Philosophy & Mission

That is what MobilizerMom is all about, helping your family join God in His work among the nations right where you are. I hope you’ll join me, be inspired, be purposeful, be impactful, and see practical ways your family can have an eternal impact today.

Helping Your Child Explore, Grow, & Learn

Many times children are never given the full picture of God. God isn’t just for them, He’s also for the Rajput in India, the Nosu in China, and the homeless man on the street corner. He has been the God pursuing mankind since the fall: first through the Israelites and more fully through the life and death of Jesus Christ. He chooses to work through his Bride, the universal Church. Join me to engage your family with people and cultures different than your own in a meaningful and purposeful way!

My Purpose


My mission as MobilizerMom is to educate and inspire families to get involved with God and join His heart for reaching the nations by giving families simple and fun ways to learn about God and His world right where they are.


My vision is to see families intentionally teaching their children Biblical Truth and inspiring them to join God’s great mission to bring all families on the earth to Himself.