Helping your family get involved with God’s world right where you are

About Us

Everyone wants to make an impact with his or her life – even little children dream of doing big things. As parents, let’s tap that energy and heart towards things of God! My goal is to help parents influence their children to God’s purposes for their lives by laying Biblical foundations, teaching parents how to speak life and Truth daily and consistently, and showing families that God is still at work in our world today. Together we can mobilize the next generation for His glory and their great joy!

Our God. Our Family. Our World.

Children have the whole world in the palm of their hands, they really do. Are you helping them see ALL the possibilities and responsibilities as followers of Jesus? Are you helping them have a biblical worldview and teaching them about God’s heart for the world?

God’s Word to God’s World

Bringing Your Children to the Good Shepherd

Are you intentionally teaching your children about God, His World, and His Word? You are qualified to teach your kids about God’s image. Take some time every single day and be purposeful about talking to your children about God’s love for everyone!

Instilling a Biblical Worldview

Be purposeful about teaching your children about all of God’s world. Teach them to celebrate the uniqueness of cultures, peoples, and places. We honor each person because they were made by God.

Biblical Coaching

Do you struggle with having confidence as a parent? Do you know WHAT to do but you just can’t seem to do it consistently and when you do, it feels fake and forced? Get personalized, one-on-one coaching with Alicia to help you unlock your God-given potential as a parent!


Parenting in today’s world is hard. There are many parenting tools and resources out there that aren’t biblical – how do you know what to do and what to avoid? Dig into these biblically-vetted and practical parenting tips you can implement today!

The body of Christ is like a strong chain with many links.

We each have a part to play, a role. God doesn’t have to use us but He chooses to, for His glory and our joy. Joining God in his great commission doesn’t have to be hard or scary. There are ways you and your family can intentionally pursue God’s purposes.

The point is to do SOMETHING. Giving our children a greater view of God and His world is important. Growing their view of both God and His world will expand their hearts for others and push them out of their inclination towards self-centeredness.